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After working closely on the naming rights of the Visions Federal Credit Union Veterans Memorial Arena, they asked us to again team up and help create a new look for their branches.  After a lot of hard work and design, we found creative and unique solutions to help Visions Federal Credit Union stand out.

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Pole Sign

This double sided pole sign features routered aluminum faces, so their logo is the only thing that illuminates. The cabinet has a subtle "V" shape, a nod to "Visions" and incorporates their bold blue and orange colors. Aluminum trim and pole cover give this sign the finishing touches. 


Channel Letters

Custom channel letters were built for the front, side and drive thru wall. These feature special day/night acrylic on the faces of the letters. During the day they are blue but when illuminated they change to white! It allows Visions Federal Credit Union to have their blue during the day and great contrast at night.

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